What is the Difference Between Preform and Perform?

The terms preform and perform are sometimes used interchangeably; they represent different things. This article discusses the main differences and usages of perform and perform in a sentence.

The difference between preform and perform is that the verb preform has a range of meanings, mainly to structure something before the action. While the verb perform is used to describe an activity.

Let us learn the main difference between preform and perform below:

Definition of Perform?

Whenever a task is being carried out in front of a crowd, the verb “perform” is often used. For instance, an artist might perform on stage.

Another common usage of the word “perform” is to carry out, complete, or satisfy (an action, or function). For instance, a surgeon performs surgery on a patient, or a magician performs a magic trick.

Perform is used as a verb in the sentence. The verb perform is in the present participle form, the simple past form of this verb is performed, and the present participle tense of this verb is performing.

The verb has two possible meanings when used in a phrase such as showing an ability and carrying out a request.

You should perform well on your exam, which is a directive that the pupil receives from their parents or professors. The word can therefore be used in both contexts.

Examples of Perform in a Sentence

  • At the festival, several musicians will perform.
  • Wizards typically perform magic with broomsticks.
  • Every Christmas, the kids perform a nativity play.
  • A computer can carry out multiple tasks at once.
  • The police perform a vital function in our society.
  • They have their duties to perform.

Definition of Preform?

Preform mainly refers to any previously shaped things that can serve numerous functions. The majority of its use in the sentence is as a verb. The word, which was initially taken from Latin, rose to fame in the 1600s.

A preform is a particular kind of manufacturing mold. It is applied to the production of items made of plastic, metal, or other substances. A smaller, simpler version of the finished item is first made.

After that, the demolished object is put into the preform mold and covered with a material that will harden and create a mold around it.

The material is then heated until it hardens and solidifies to create a permanent mold in the preform mold. The finished object can then be produced when the preform has been removed from the mold.

Examples of Preform in a Sentence

  • The market has a wide selection of preform plastics.
  • Before attempting to mold the clay, the artist preformed it.
  • Rose had to preform the mold into a circular shape for her art class.
  • Before frying it, she must preform the patty and place it in the freezer.
  • He desired to preform his ideas and speak in front of a crowd.
  • He preformed it in the shape of a doughnut.

Difference Between Preform and Perform

The basic difference between preform and perform are below:

The primary difference between preform and perform is that preform is to give anything a shape or form in advance.

While the verb perform suggests carrying out an action that is necessary for someone or to achieve a goal. It could be a material thing or a feeling.

Another difference between preform and perform is that preform initially came from the Latin term praefrmre, whereas perform originally derived from the Anglo-Norman performer, perfourmer, and alternation of the Old French parfornir.

Preform rose to fame in the 1600s, whereas the word perform rose to fame in the 1300s.

When someone completes or performs an action or displays a skill, the word “perform” is used. 

On the other hand, preform is a term used to describe something that has already begun to take shape (the use of pre to signify beforehand).

Preform Vs. Perform

The simplest comparison between perform vs. preform are below:

The words perform and perform share a similar sound, yet they have different meanings and are employed in other contexts.

The comparison between the words perform vs. preform is that the former is used when someone is displaying a skill, such as singing or dancing. While the latter refers to creating a specific shape beforehand, the former relates to doing an activity.

Preform or Perform

Preformed or performed are the most confusing words. They have a similar appearance but are different, have different meanings, and are used in different contexts.

Perform is a verb that is pronounced: “purr-fohrmm.” It refers to performing on stage and showcasing one’s abilities, such as acting, singing, or dancing. It also refers to following a procedure or a set of tasks’ numbered steps.

Preform is a verb that is pronounced “pree-fohrr-mm.” It describes an item that is molded or formed prior to use or incorporation into another thing.

What is the Difference Between Preform and Perform?

Highlighting the main difference between preform and perform in the following table:

Preform refers to the act of giving something a shape or form beforehand. It could be a material thing or a feeling.The definition of the verb performs to carry out a request or achieve a goal.
Preform is a term used to describe something that is already taking shape.When someone shows a skill or finishes or performs an action, the word “perform” is used.
The word “preform” is used as a verb in this sentence.The word perform is used in sentences, and the adjective performable is also often used.
  1. In the city, there are many suppliers of preform molds.
  2. Preformed plastics are easily accessible on the market.
  1. Today in Main Street, the students will perform a play.
  2. The majority of children performed well in physics.


To sum up, while having identical spellings, preform or perform have different meanings. The key difference between preform and perform is that perform typically indicates actions requiring physical or mental effort.

In contrast, preform usually refers to the process of producing something before it is finished. Both terms are crucial to knowing how to use various English syntaxes in speech and writing.

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