What is the Difference Between Lycan and Werewolf?

The difference between lycan and werewolf is that a lycan is a mythological character that looks like a wolf. A werewolf is a person that has the power to transform into a wolf at night.

The term “Lycan” comes from the Greek word ‘Lycanthropy’. It is a state of nervous disorder. It is the transformational delusion of humans into wolves. It tends to occur when a human is attacked and bitten by a wild wolf.

Werewolf is a wild creature that transforms into wolves every night. They hunt living beings, such as animals and people for their survival.

They are considered fierce and wild towards other living beings. They occupy and cover large portions of the forests.

What is a Lycan?

What Is A Lycan?

A fictional character of Greek origin is called lycan. Lycan is similar to a dog or wolf in many ways. The appearance and body shape of a lycan resembles a dog or wolf.

People sensed the presence of lycan many years ago. People start believing more in lycan when their existence is promoted in movies. Some individuals believe that lycon exists, whereas some don’t.

Lycan belongs to the term “Lycanthropy.” It is a medical condition in which individuals start assuming themselves as wolves. Humans are believed to transform into wild animals, such as wolves in lycanthropy. They also start behaving like wild wolves.

Lycans seemed to be at war with other wild creatures as Vampires. Lycans and vampires were enemies from the very beginning. Lycan has the highest potential as compared to other animals and species.

What is a Werewolf?

What Is A Werewolf?

The word werewolf is of German origin. In European tradition, a werewolf is a person who has the power to shift into a wolf at night and retransform into a human at day time.

The term werewolf indicates to be similar with serial killers and unexplained murders. 

 In the old days, people were sentenced to death or prison for this disease of turning into a wolf.

According to some tales and myths, werewolves are linked with evil and great spiritual power. Some people believe that becoming a werewolf is a curse for something they’ve done.

Werewolf shape-changing conditions are both voluntary and involuntary. In some cases, humans change into wolves when another wolf bites them. In other cases, humans change into wolves by the effect of the full moon.

Lycan Vs. Werewolf

Lycan Vs Werewolf

There are various myths for explaining the characteristics of Lycan vs. Werewolf.

Lycan is more advanced than a werewolf. Lycan is said to be smarter than werewolves. Lycan has more control over its actions.

Lycan can change form at will at any time of day, while werewolves can only change on the full moon. According to another traditional myth, werewolves were the cause of a curse or magical act.

Lycan is a type of lycanthrope that can easily transform from a human into lycan. Lycanthropy is a medical disorder in which people believe they have turned into animals.

In fiction and movies, lycanthropy describes people who turn into animals, usually wolves. The lycan and werewolf have miraculous speed , power, and tracking capabilities.

Lycan and werewolf both walk on two legs. The lycan has more humanoid posture, while the posture of the werewolf is more beastly. Witches and magicians had the power to transform themselves into wolves.

Werewolves are affected by silver bullets. They can easily be killed using any silver weapon. In comparison, lycan can not be affected by silver. It takes great strength to kill a lycan.

During the transformation, lycan can control their action because they have the mind of both humans and animals. While werewolves can not control their actions, they are fully transformed into wolves.

Lycans and werewolves can not transform in exposure to sunlight. Exposure to sunlight can burn their skin and stop the transformation. Werewolves always crave raw meat for survival, while lycan can eat meat and human food.

Werewolf Vs. Lycan : Abilities & Power

Abilities of Lycan

  1. Lycan has great supernatural powers to fight with vampires.
  2. Lycan has great lifting powers. They can lift weights upto 2 to 3 tons.
  3. Lycan has clear sight. They can see in the dark and even from a long distance.
  4. Lycan can control their transformation and actions.
  5. Lycan is difficult to kill. They are very strong, and for killing lycan great potential is required.
  6. Lycan is more powerful and muscular than a werewolf.

 Abilities of Werewolf

  1. Werewolf possesses special ability of sensing, crawling, and tracking.
  2. A werewolf bite can turn humans into wolves.
  3. Werewolves can heal their wounds by themselves.
  4. Werewolves running speed is extremely high.
  5. Werewolves are considered the most powerful creatures because of their great endurance.

What is a Lycan and Werewolf: Real or Fictional?

It seems that werewolves and lycan are fictional creatures. There is no solid evidence of their existence. They have never been seen anyplace in the world.

Both characters are fictional and are highlighted in movies. These two characters have nothing to do with reality.

The Difference Between Lycan and Werewolf

 Highlighting the comparison between lycan and werewolf in the following table:

TransformationLycan can transform at any time by their own will.Werewolf can transform only during full moon night.
CreationIt can be genetic or bitten by another lycan.It can be the curse or bitten by another wolf but not genetic.
StrengthLycan has great speed, sharp claws and clear vision.Werewolves can heal their injuries and wounds by themselves.
WeaknessThe weakness of lycan is leg shot.The weakness of wolves is silver.
SpeedThe running and jumping speed of lycan is higher than werewolf.The running and jumping speed is lower than lycan.
ControlThey can control their actions and transformation.They can not control their actions.


Lycan and werewolves both are mythological creatures. The main difference between lycan and werewolf is mentality. Lycan can control their shifting, which indicates they have human consciousness. The werewolf can not control their anger and shifting. This is the reason why lycan is smarter than a werewolf in the werewolf vs. lycan debate.

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