What is the Difference Between Address and Adress?

Both the spellings of the same word, address and address, have different meanings and expressions. Because these two spellings are frequently used in other contexts, it is crucial to understand their differences.

The difference between address and adress is that there is no English definition of adress. It might be spelled incorrectly.

On the other hand, an address is a description of a person’s or organization’s location that is written or printed on mail as delivery instructions. The place where a specific business or individual can be found or contacted.

Let us learn the basic difference between address and adress below:

Definition of Adress

The word “adress” is spelled incorrectly as “adress.” It is commonly used in casual or informal writing and conversation.

The word “address” is usually used when a writer or speaker refers to the place or location where a person or organization can be reached or interacted with.

For instance, when you tell a friend or member of your family your address, you provide all the details they need to find you.

An adress can also be used to specify the location of a shop, building, or other institution.

The location of a website or an IP address may occasionally be described using the word “adress” as well.

An email address, for example, is used to send and receive emails, and a URL address can be used for accessing a website.

Definition of Address

The accepted and accurate spelling of the term is an address. Both informal and formal writing and speech use it. An address identifies the place or location where a person or business can be reached or found.

For instance, you tell a company or government body your address when you want them to send you mail, shipments, or another contact. An address can also specify the location of a house, apartment, or another dwelling.

An address would also include other details necessary for delivery, such as name, city, state, and Zip Code in the USA. Other helpful information, such as the name of the building or neighborhood, can be available in other countries.

Different Types of Address

1. IP Address

An address is a unique identification code used to find a particular device or resource in computers and technology.

For instance, a computer needs to be uniquely identifiable for the Internet to understand how to communicate with it. 

An IP address functions similarly to how your phone’s “phone number” operates. The phone system learns where to look for your phone in this way. The same is true for your computer’s IP address.

With the help of IP addresses, the location of the literally billions of digital devices linked to the Internet may be detected and their differences from other devices can be identified.

A remote computer needs your IP address to connect to your computer like someone needs your mailing address to send you a letter.

2. Postal Address

A postal address is an address that may be different from your home address or another drop box, such a PO Box—is where your mail is delivered.

If the person doesn’t want people to know where they live, a post office box may be used as the postal address. Businesses also use a PO Box address for things like competitions, which is plainly different from their registration address.

3. Email Address

In the digital age, having a personal email account is essential for communication. An email address is the most efficient way to access a world of rapid, easy, and secure interactions, whether for personal or professional purposes.

A trustworthy email account is essential to maintain contact, whether sending a colleague a critical paper or greeting a long-lost friend.

Email addresses are essential for modern communications because they allow people and organizations to interact quickly and effectively.

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Difference Between Address and Adress

The basic difference between address and adress is given below:

The primary difference between address and address is that adress lacks a definition. In contrast, address is the direction or superscription of a letter, or the name, title, and residence of the person addressed.

Another difference between address and address is that adress can be used in an informal way of writing.

On the other hand, address is used in the proper formal way of writing.

Example Difference Between Address and Adress

Adress – Informal

What’s your adress so I can send you a birthday card? (Informal)

My adress is 999 Main Street, California, informally. (Informal)

Address – Formal

I need to send you some vital documents, so what is your mailing address? (Formal)

My address is 999 Main Street, Houston, USA. (Formal)

Adress Vs. Address

The comparison between adress vs. address is given below:


An address is where someone lives or works and where letters can be mailed, including their house number, street name, and town name.


  • A letter’s address should be marked with delivery instructions.
  • Please provide your name and address in full.
  • A URL is another name for an internet address.
  • When he addressed the group, Mr. King attempted to calm such worries.
  • A specific address in the memory can be used to locate the necessary data.
  • Do you continue to reside at the same address?
  • Yesterday, the check was delivered to your home address.


No English definition exists for the address. It is spelled in the wrong way.

English does not have a term for “address” with a single “d.” 

Which One Spelling is Correct: Address or Adress

“Address” is the correct spelling.

“Adress” is incorrect spelling.

What is the Difference Between Address and Adress?

Highlighting the main difference between address and adress in the following table:

Address is the classic and proper spelling of the word.Adress is the incorrect spelling of the word.
It is used in both formal and informal writing speeches.It is only used in informal writing speech.
It can be used in professional and academic writing.It cannot be used in professional and academic writing.


The difference between address and adress is that adress is a misspelled word. On the other hand, address is the correct word and it is used to indicate someone’s location.

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