What is the Difference Between Teal and Cyan?

One of the most common colors, blue, may need to be clarified. Because of this color’s numerous hues, which are difficult to identify, most people need clarification. For instance, many people need help differentiating between cyan and teal.

The difference between teal and cyan is that teal is a darker shade of Cyan than Cyan. A color tone between blue and green, cyan is bluish-green.

Yellow is one of the subtractive primary colors and the complimentary hue of red. Teal, on the other hand, is a medium hue of bluish-green. 

Let us learn the main difference between teal and cyan below:

What is Teal?

Teal is primarily a blend of blue and green colors. It may be a little lighter than the example, combining blue-green with a touch of white.

There is some black added to the darker varieties. Black is an extremely powerful hue. Thus there isn’t much of it.

Because of how human eyes see color, teal is a dark cyan, with cyan and redacting as the proper complementary hues.

The shade of teal, which is situated between blue and green on the color wheel and has an equal amount of both, is classified as a tertiary color (an equal mix of primary and secondary colors).

As balance, peace, and serenity are emotions that many associate with home, the color teal is so popular in interior design.

What is Cyan?

In subtractive color systems (such as pigments, inks, etc.), cyan is often included with magenta and yellow as primary colors. Red, green, and blue are the subtractive primaries, the secondary colors of the additive primary set.

The year 1879 marks the first time the word “cyan” was officially used. Cyan light is created by mixing equal parts of green and blue light.

The hue cyan is one of the RGB color model’s three secondary colors. Light with a prominent wavelength between 490 and 520 nm is evoking the color cyan.

There is a variation in hue between the wavelengths of blue and green. Green and blue primary colors can be blended to create it. Cyan is connected to the colors blue, green, and blue-green.

Difference Between Teal and Cyan

The basic difference between teal and cyan are below:

The primary difference between teal and cyan is that these two are blends of blue and green, with just minor to no differences. Often, teal is a more intense version of blue-green. A more vivid blue-green is cyan.

Another difference between teal and cyan is that cyan is known as a darker variant of teal, one of the four inks used in color printing.

In essence, teal is a variety of turquoise that tends to be more grayish. When combined, the more blue than green turquoise is called cyan.

Being the hue of duck heads, teal was first mentioned in 1923 in clothing commercials.

The Greek word kyanos is the root of the cyan, which is short for cyan blue. Initially, it appeared in 1879.

Cyan Vs. Teal

The comparison between cyan vs. teal is given below:


A color between blue and green is called cyan. As a result, it is the main subtractive hue for light created by taking the red component out of white light. When describing a bluish-green, use this phrase. For instance, “My favorite curtains are the cyan ones.”

Cyan is a greenish-blue color that is used in printing and photography to print or capture primary colors.

It is one of those hues that produces stunning images pleasing to the eye, especially for individuals who enjoy primary hues.


Dark greenish-blue is the color teal. It occasionally has a grayish-blue hue and is often deeper than cyan.

For example, I chose the teal paint hue for my newborn’s room. A bird with a teal-colored stripe on its head is known as the teal.

The color “blue-green” on a color wheel, which is meant to be a perfect balance of a blue (often primary cyan) and a neutral green, is the one that I believe best portrays “teal” (a green which is neither blue nor yellow based, balanced between both).

Teal is a color that makes you feel light and airy. It stands for certainty and trust. Teal is valued as a symbol of faith and truth in Egypt.

Teal Vs. Cyan: Word Use

The word “cyan” differs from “teal” in that it comes from the Greek word “kyanos,” which, in 1879, meant “dark blue or greenish-blue.”

In contrast, the term “teal” was first used to describe “a little freshwater duck” in the early 14th century. Yet its use as a color dates back to 1923, when the Germanic Languages word “taili,” which means “a shade of dark greenish-blue like the one found on a fowl’s head and feathers,” was used.

Moreover, the term “cyan” is applied widely in scientific and photographic contexts. Contrarily, teal is more widely used in the garment and textile industries. Thus, locating a teal dress is simpler than a cyan one.

Example of Teal and Cyan

  1. To change his appearance during his identity issue, James dyed his hair purple with cyan streaks.
  2. Due to the similarity in pattern and color, I often confuse my turquoise dress with your cyan one.
  3. I only took a pair of teal sneakers from your closet.
  4. The university’s athletic departments’ main colors are teal, black, and bronze.
  5. Teal, gold, and silver were to be the team’s primary colors, with black accents.
  6. It combines the photo cyan, and black inks.

What is the Difference Between Teal and Cyan?

Highlighting the main difference between teal and cyan in the following table:

Cyan is a greenish-blue hue that contrasts with red and is one of the basic subtractive colors.Similar to cyan, teal is a medium blue-green color.
It contains more blue than green color.It contains more green than blue.
The hexadecimal code of cyan color is #00FFFF.The hexadecimal code of teal color is #008080.
The color cyan represents calmness. It has a relaxing influence.The color teal represents healing and faith.


The terms “teal” and “cyan” are constantly compared since both terms describe the hue that lies halfway between blue and green (blueish-green).

The difference between teal and cyan is that teal is a darker shade of cyan. Teal contains more green pigment and cyan contains more bluish pigment.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is teal just a dark cyan?

Cyan is considered a darker variation of teal. It was one of the initial 16 web colors that HTML established in 1987.

While teal also blends green and blue, its lesser saturation makes it more visually appealing.

2) Is teal more blue or green in color?

Depending on the hue of teal you want, there is typically more green than blue in it. Teal is a blend of the lighter blue cyan, commonly called aqua, and the color green.

3) What color is cyan?

Blue and cyan are distinct colors. The majority of people mistakenly equate cyan and blue, yet this is incorrect. Light blue-green should be used as an alternative name for cyan.

4) Is cyan blue or green?

Blue-green cyan is created by mixing equal proportions of blue and green. Cyan often takes the place of blue when used as a primary color. As a result, cyan looks more like blue.

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