What is the Difference Between Area and Perimeter?

Geometric measurements begin with the basic ideas of area and perimeter. The difference between area and perimeter is that perimeter is the measurement of the two-dimensional figures outside the edge, and the area is the size of a two-dimensional figure.

These parameters are often used to determine the size and characteristics of a specific geometry. It is also used in numerous practical contexts.

Let’s move on to their definitions to understand perimeter and area better.

Definition of Perimeter

Definition Of Perimeter

The term “perimeter” in mathematics simply refers to the distance (or length) around a form.

As a result, we can measure the perimeter as a 1-dimensional quantity using length units.

The shortest path possible around a shape is referred to as its perimeter.

Consider taking a shape, such as this square, and breaking it at one of its corners to help you understand what a perimeter is.

The shape might then be expanded until a straight line was formed. The shape’s perimeter is equal to the length of that line.

Now we can measure or calculate the perimeter for various geometric shapes that you know what the perimeter is.

Well, it depends on the forms.

Finding a polygon’s perimeter is simple because they only have straight sides.

If you are aware of the lengths of each side, all you need to do is add them up to determine the polygon’s perimeter.

Three sides of this triangle, measuring 3 cm, 4 cm, and 5 cm, are all different lengths.

Now, all we need to do is sum up the lengths of those three sides to determine the triangle’s perimeter.

3 + 4 + 5 = 12.

Units of Perimeter

The length that the shape’s boundary covers is known as the perimeter. Therefore, the perimeter’s units will be the same as its length units.

 It can be measured in meters, kilometers, millimeters, and other units.

The Formula of Perimeter

We can determine a shape’s perimeter by adding up the lengths of all the sides.

A specified square box has four sides. Each side is a length of 1 inch.

The formula of a perimeter is = Sum of all the sides.

Hence, to find the perimeter of a square box, we will add all four of its sides.

The perimeter of the square box will be 1+1+1+1 = 4 inches.

Definition of Area

Definition Of Area

The area is the amount of space a two-dimensional figure takes up. It is the measurement of the quantity of unit squares that completely cover the surface of a closed figure.

Let’s take an example of a stool. A stool has four legs. Therefore, it actually occupies this much space on the floor. The area is the space an object takes up on a flat surface.

Unit of Area

The unit of area is square. Squares are used to measure area. Similar to square meters, square feet, and square inches.

Formula of Area

The formula of the area is = Length x Width. It means to find the area of any object. We have to multiply its length by the width.

Example: For finding the area of a rectangle. The length of a rectangle is 6m, and the width of the rectangle is 9m.

Rectangle = 6 X 9 = 54 m

Difference Between Area and Perimeter

Difference Between Perimeter And Area

There are many differences between area and perimeter given below:

The difference between the area and the perimeter of a closed figure or a shape is basically perimeter refers to the area outside of the shape.

The area inside the shape is known as the area, and the perimeter is the whole distance surrounding it.

Since the area is the amount of space within the shape, it is measured inside.

Another distinction between these two is that the perimeter is measured in centimeters, meters, feet, inches, and so forth.

While the area is measured in square units, such as centimeters for area, meters or meters squared, feet or square inches for feet or square feet, etc. The area is measured in square units.

The area is the space inside a shape, whereas a perimeter is the space around it.

Importance of Area and Perimeter

Area and perimeter are important in every aspect of life.

Area and perimeter are utilize daily to build the homes we live in and create other items, such as the furniture we use.

Tailors use them to sew your clothing for sizing. Artists use them to cut canvas sheets to create artwork.

Any field or shape, whether asymmetrical or symmetrical, applies to this.

You need the perimeter of the field if you wish to provide fencing around the entire thing. You need the field’s perimeter to build a path inside it to keep an eye on it.

The area of the field is necessary to calculate how many crops may be cultivated, how many apartments can be built, and how much tax must be paid.

What is the Difference Between Area and Perimeter?

Highlighting the main differences between area and perimeter in the following table:

Area refers to the space that an object occupies.The term “perimeter” describes the length of an object’s, or a shape’s outline.
Square units are used to measure the area. (m2) For instance, the area is stated as square centimeters if the dimensions are in centimeters.Linear units are used to measure perimeter. Such as simple meters or inches
For Example: Area of a square shop is side of the shop X side of the shop, or side2.For Example: The perimeter of the square shop can be found by multiplying the sum of all the 4 sides of the shop.

What is the Difference Between Area and Perimeter Formula for Different Shapes

Difference Between Perimeter And Area With Shapes

The area and perimeter of different shapes are calculated using the formulas listed in the table below.

SquareSide x Side4 x Side
RectangleLength x width2(length + width)
Triangle(1×2) x base x heightSide + side + side

Area and Perimeter of Heptagon Shape with 7 Sides

A heptagon is a polygon shape with 7 sides. A heptagon contains seven vertices and angles in addition to its seven sides.

The area and perimeter of any heptagon can be calculated using the same formulas. Let n represent the polygon’s number of sides and s represent its side lengths.

Perimeter = n x s
Area = (1-2/n) *(n*s2/4*tan) °


The difference between area and perimeter is that area refers to the space occupied by any type of geometric shape with two dimensions. The units of area are represented as square meters or square centimeters.

On the other hand, the perimeter is any geometric shape’s outer boundary. The perimeter is measured in linear units.

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