Difference Between Computer Programming and Computer Science

Most people think that computer programming and computer science are similar, but it is not true. There are many differences between computer programming and computer science.

One of the main differences between computer programming and computer science is that computer programming is part of computer science, while computer science is a field that covers computer programming.

Computer science and computer programming are different but related fields of study.

Computer science studies computers and their uses, whereas computer programming can be defined as coding, designing, thinking, and maintaining the source code of programs.

While many areas of computer science have nothing to do with computer programming, one may consider computer programming to be a subset of computer science.

What is Computer Science?

What Is Computer Science

Computer science is the latest technology field, including designing and solving complex problems using algorithms.

It includes knowledge of mathematics, programming languages, and computer architecture.

Computer science is the study of computers and their languages. It is a broad field that includes many great areas, such as robotics, database, artificial intelligence, and graphic designing.

The field of computer science covers the study of computation, algorithms, computer architecture and software engineering.

The demand for computer science degrees is rapidly increasing. This field comprises many different subject areas from which students can choose to develop their careers.

The computer science field focuses more on practical rather than theory. Computer science is all about developing a great skill set.

Computer science universities train employees for careers in software development and data analytics. The job demand for computer science is very high.

Computer science is vast, and job opportunities for computer science students are available in every industry as IT consultants, App, and Web developers, and Network and Database admin.

Computer science graduates are highly in demand due to the current shortage of skilled professionals in the industry.

What is Computer Programming?

What Is Computer Programming

Computer programming is developing and designing software applications using a set of instructions. It provides a communication layer between humans and computers.

In computer programming, a set of instructions are given to a computer or any other machine for performing a particular task.

 It is about writing programs for computers or computer devices and running them. It is all about communicating to the computer about what the human wants.

The instructions of computer programming are written in many languages. Each language is written in a different structure called syntax.

Instructing a computer to accomplish tasks is the goal of computer programming. Additionally, it reduces workload and rapidly achieves all tasks.

Computer programming is written in a human-understandable language (English).

The main purpose of computer programming is to enable students to think logically and make solutions for complex problems.

We humans communicate with each other in different languages. In the same way, computers also use different languages for its part to communicate. Hence, computers require programming languages to perform its tasks.

Computer Programming VS Computer Science

Computer Programming Vs Computer Science

Computer Science is the field that gives information related to the computer and its functions. While computer programming is about giving instructions to the computer.

Computer science students can have chances to choose different career options varying from Web development to Network Admin.

Computer science is the study of computation. Computer programming is the main way in which computation is expressed and executed.

However, computer programming students can only become a programmer.

The core difference between these two concepts is that Computer programming is the actual process of converting an idea into a piece of software that works. While computer science is the study of algorithms for representing and transforming information.

Computer science describes a computer system’s functions, while computer programming gives commands to the computer to accomplish specific functions.

Computer science is something you learn, and programming is something you practice.

Computer scientists create software applications using a set of techniques and symbols called programming.

A degree in computer science includes computer programming, which is highly useful in the field.

Computer scientists design the potential solutions to problems that computer scientists solve through applications.

Computer programming and programming languages are the tools used to express your thoughts and computer science knowledge to computers.

Comparison Between Computer Programmers and Computer Scientists:

Computer Programmers:

1. The people who design and write computer codes using a set of instructions are called programmers. Computer programmers must acquire great problem-solving skills.

2. Computer programmers are software professionals who use multiple programming languages to design and write code.

3. A programmer actively works on computer programs, usually in teams, can specialize in a specific area of development, and can take on more than one general responsibility.

4. Good programmers can create magic for the real world with their programming skills.

5. They have an ability to think outside the box and come up with different magical solutions to a single problem.

Computer Scientists:

1. The students who complete their computer science degree are called computer scientists.

2. Computer scientists create mathematical models to better understand real world problems.

3. Being a computer scientist does not include lots of programming instead they analyze computer programs and validate that things are being done right.

4. Computer scientists focus on scientific reasoning and mostly they become computer science consultants.

5. Computer scientists also become researchers and write and publish academic papers.

Difference Between Computer Programming and Computer Science: Chart

     Computer ScienceComputer Programming
Computer science is the scientific and theoretical study of computation.Computer programming is the process of directing computers to perform crucial tasks.
Computer science is the concept of solving complex problems using programming tools.Computer programming is a set of tools used to solve computing problems.
Computer science has several branches, the branches are both theoretical and practical.Computer programming is a subset and practical branch of computer science.
Principal areas of computer science include Artificial Intelligence, Security System, graphics, HCI and programming.Computer programming includes several programming languages such as C, C+, Java, python and PHP.
The people who complete a degree in computer science are called computer scientists.The people who are highly skilled in computer programming are called computer programmers.
Computer Science Vs Computer Programming: Comparison Chart


The primary difference between computer programming and computer science is that computer science is a field of efficiently solving complicated problems. Whereas computer programming is a method of feeding solutions to such problems in a specific language. Therefore, it would be correct to say that computer programming is only a subset of computer science.

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